Served Up Fresh

The Specialty Sandwich Company was established in August 2004. Family owned and operated. We specialize in north shore style slowly cooked Roast Beef,  Fresh Homemade Salads, Greek Specialties, Brick Oven Pies …all homemade from scratch …absolutely delicious!

Inspired by dishes from around the world, we prepare a menu of fresh cuisine, sautéed and grilled. Through fresh preparation of the finest ingredients— artisan sauces, hand-picked herbs, native spices— with crisp, hearty vegetables, grilled-to-order chicken breast and thin cut steak, we give you dishes you’ll love eating as much as we love making them.

We stand for all that’s good and flavorful and wholesome. You’ll find something for almost every taste. Specialty Sandwiches. Salads. Soups. All served up fresh for you in a fun place that feels like home. But don’t worry, we’ll do the dishes. 

We only source out the very finest and freshest ingredients. Everything we create starts here … fresh. If there is one thing we know nothing about, that’s cutting back on quality!